Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

If you are looking for a sewing that can make you feel you are in control, then the Brother PE770 is the answer. This machine has an LCD, the touch screen type, where positioning your design is possible. You can increase the font’s size or the entire print on the cloth by just touching on the screen. You may need to rotate the design or reflect it right there in the screen, this machine can do the job for you!


This machine is one of the first of its kind that introduced the ability of the computer to make precise measurements. This is also one of the fastest sewing machines in terms of productivity. Almost as fast as Janome Memory Craft MC 9500. This machine is perfect for somebody who is contemplating to sell clothes and embroidery items in big numbers.



Aside from the things mentioned above and the fact that this sewing machine is computerized, here are the other features:

  • It accommodates a wide area of embroidery space – that’s 5 inches by 7 inches.
  • It comes with a USB port that allows a user to store hundreds of designs.
  • It can perform more than 600 stitches in a minute.
  • There are 136 built-in embroidery designs for this sewing machine with 6 built-in fonts. The machine allows a user to choose from 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles
  • There is a function panel that allows a user easy access to the following: thread trimming, needle (up and down) and start/stop buttons.
  • Because its computerized, it comes with a screen that displays step by step instructions the user may need for easier operations.

With this unit go the following accessories: 63 pieces of Polystar thread, a thread box, a CD where 15000 embroidery designs are stored, 144 bobbins, a thread converter, embroidery scissors, a stabilizer, a sock hoop and a cap hoop.


Dimensions: 17.25 x 16.75 x 20.75 inches (Width x Height x Length)

Weight: 26.95 pounds

Embroidery Size Limitation

35 square inches of embroidery space


The warranty is 5 years on the mechanical, 2 years on the electrical and 1 year on labor.


On- board features are easy to understand

Step by step instructions on the screen are very helpful


The “number” designs don’t get any bigger than 5 cm

Occasional problem with bobbin tension

Customer Feedbackembroidery

Customers find it amazing that the machine can be used right after pulling out of the box. They also like the vibrant colors of the threads with which they can make Disney characters, Pokémon, or Barbie designs. Customer reviews specifically cite the CD that contains tons of designs.

Some customers, however, are complaining about the constant breaking of the thread. Another issue has something to do with free service. Some of these reviews say that it is better to purchase the product from local stores than online. Local sellers provide routine maintenance.

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500 Janome Memory Craft MC 9500 is a smart sewing and embroidery machine that lets you experience the power of precise superior stitching mechanism combined with the sophisticated innovation of a 4.7 inch LCD touch screen that allows you to customize and regulate you patterns and designs.

The machine has various designs that will surely enhance your creativity. Furthermore, threading is made easy with this embroidery machine so you don’t waste your time putting on the thread on your machine. This embroidery and sewing machine in one is also tension-free so you can enjoy sewing without flawlessly with no disturbances.


FabricsIt features 90 built in designs that you will surely adore. Furthermore, it also allows you to use Compact Flash Memory Cards which are utilized in digital cameras to access other designs that you fancy. It also has a PC slot so you can plug it to your computer and access more designs of your choice.

This embroidery machine gives you a rather spacious embroidery area (5.5” by 7.9”); both standard and large hoops are included in this machine. Enjoy combining your designs with lettering choosing from three built-in fonts. Create your very own combination monograms to personalize your creations.

The 9500 Memory Craft features easy-threading. Simply pull the needle threader down and hook the thread in front of the needle, pull the threader back and alas, your needle is threaded.


It offers a maximum embroidery area of 5.5’x7.9”. Although it offers automatic threading, thread cutting is manually done. The large embroidery area means you don’t need to rehoop that often.

Custom Design

The machine has a PC slot so you can connect it to your computer and browse more designs. Import your designs from ATA PC Cards or PC Design Cards or select from the 90 built-in designs.

Product Warranty

It has a 25-year limited warranty for mechanical parts, 2 years on electrical parts and 1 year on labor. Same as Singer Quantum XL-5000.


It is very user friendly so it can be used out of the box by beginners, no need for short classes or demo. The editing capability of this machine also allows you to combine up to 4 designs together and see how they will look before sewing. This means fewer threads wasted, more productivity and more fun.


It is quite heavy for its size but the weight actually helps keep the machine from moving and wobbling while in use.

Customer Feedback Summary

All customers agree that this is an excellent embroidery, sewing and quilting machine in one with outstanding features for a very competitive price.

Singer Quantum XL-5000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine FS

Singer Sewing MachineSinger Quantum XL-5000 is created to make sewing and embroidery fun and easy. With its 285 built-in embroidery designs and utility stitches, your creativity will surely soar high. To make it even better, this combination sewing and embroidery machine runs on a speed of up to 800 stitches per minute.

Convenience is an integral part of this embroidery machine. Most sewing actions are automated and executed with a simple on-screen programming. It uses the exclusive Singer pictogram and icon-based menus for easy navigation. Each icon contains descriptions and help menus to help simplify things and guide you all throughout.

Product Features

It offers a lot of excellent features that makes it superior from other brands.

Automatic Thread Exchanger – Automatically shifts to the next color thread for a flawless operation.

Computer Controlled Thread Tension – This ensures precise stitching for accurate outcome all the time.

Built-in Font Characters – It offers 780 font characters with 5 font styles you can choose from. Choose from lower case and upper case letters including numbers. It is also able to combine various characters up to 120.

Variable Sewing Speed –  You can choose how fast or slow your sewing speed will be.

Endless Bobbin – When the thread runs out during sewing, this machine halts and the bobbin rewinds until it is full and starts again where it left off.

Other great features that the XL-5000 offers are: built-in embroidery resizing, wind-in-place bobbin system, buttonhole and stitch choices, sideways sewing, multi-hooping, 3D, full color LCD screen, sewing odometer, drop feed, patented Singer quilting stitch, needle up/down and direct computer interface.

Embroidery Limitations

It offers various hop sizes – Small: 2 1/8”x2 1/8”, Medium: 4 ½ x4 ½”, Large: 5 ½”x 9 ½ “and Continuous: 2”x6”.

Embroidery Fabric

Custom Design

This highly innovative embroidery machine features direct computer interface compatible with Mac or PC. As an add-on you may want to download designs from the internet to be used with the Singer Professional Sew-ware 2.0. Let your creativity run freely with Singer Quantum XL-5000.

Product Warranty

Singer offers a 25 years limited warranty to this product, 5 years on electronics and 1 year on labor.


It produces excellent embroidery with less effort. All features contribute to convenient and creative embroidery.


To be able to download designs from the internet to your machine, additional software is needed. But with the hundreds of built-in embroidery designs, utility stitches and font characters, you have a lot of choices. Most of these designs can be combined and rotated to suffice your creative desires.

Customer Feedback Summary

Most users agree that it is very convenient and easy to use with excellent results.

Brother LB6800PRW Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500If you want a sewing machine that’s user-friendly, the Brother LB6800PRW must be the one that you are looking for. Even if this is the very first time you are going to use a sewing machine, you just read through the instructions and you will be off to good start sewing. The only time you should be careful is when you are changing the thread.

This product is one of the easiest tools to operate. The LCD display allows users to stitch desired designs with just a touch on the screen. With the same touch-only system, you can choose the length and the width of stitches, mirror image stitches, and switch to win needles and many more.


This is the best embroidery machine that can fuel your creativity. You can create a wardrobe full of customized clothes. Here are the unique features of this machine:

  • The embroidery space that can be accommodated with this machine is 16 square inches.
  • This machine has port where your computer can be connected. This allows you to transfer design from the internet and from your own files to this machine. For that, you don’t need to install additional software.
  • With this machine, you have 67 stitch type options to choose from. These stitch types are programmed inside the machine. Again, all you need to do is touch the proper buttons. These options include the following: ten one-step buttonholes, stretch stitches, a basting stitch, quilting stitches, circling stitches and a lot more.
  • It comes with 70 built-in embroidery designs and 5 embroidery fonts.
  • The needle threader is automatic and therefore no more eye-straining threading.
  • 120 pattern combinations


Dimensions: 22 x 16.5 x 23 inches (Width x Height x Length) Package

Weight: 38.2 pounds

Embroidery Size Limitation

4 inches by 4 inches

Custom Design with Mac or PC Capability

You can transfer designs from floppy disks, CDs and the internet into this sewing machine.


It comes with 25 years of limited warranty


This machine allows a user to choose embroidery speed. The automatic needle threader is also amazing. The machine is like a human sewing teacher. The instructions are so easy you don’t need to have a strong background in sewing when using this.


Some customers are complaining about needles that easily bend.

Customer Feedback

best sewing machine for beginnersMost customer reviews are particularly happy with this machine. If you will read reviews, you’ll have a feeling that there’s a general consensus with regards to customer satisfaction. It’s mostly thumbs up for the Brother LB6800PRW.

The trolley is one thing that most customers are happy about. With this thing included, they can take the machine to sewing classes without worrying about scrapes or cuts.

One more thing worth mentioning is the easy experience customers have with this machine. Even a newbie can easily operate this machine and create wonderful designs.

Janome 350e Memory Craft Embroidery Machine

janome 350eJanome 350e is designed to make embroidery easy, with just a touch of a button, your garments are personalized with your own design. Simply snap your hoop in and press the key. You have more hoop options with Janome 350e. It comes with 2 standard hoops: 5.5”x7.9” (large) and 5”x4.3” (standard). Additional hoops include the tiny 2”x2” Free Arm Hoop and the giant 9.1”x7.9” Giga Hoop.

This machine stops and automatically cuts your thread when it is time to change colors. This ensures that each color in your design is embroidered with precision and quality stitching.

It features a backlit LCD screen that lets you edit your designs with simple touch and drop. On-screen controls are simple for better understanding. It has 100 built-in designs and boasts of 650spm embroidery speed.

It is also very flexible with multiple options such as 4 hoop sizes, hundreds of built-in designs and three built-in alphabets. It also has a standard USB slot so you can make use of the designs you downloaded from the internet.

Threading your Janome 350e is as easy as pie with its automatic needle threader. Furthermore, the hoop of this machine is flexible due to the patented Janome telescopic carriage arm that allows it to move forward and backward. No external attachments required.

Another great feature of this product that comes in very handy is its automatic thread cutter. As soon as the color is done stitching, it automatically snips the thread, top and bottom. Aside from a USB port, you can also use a Compact Flash or an ATC PC Card which directly inserts to the machine.

Custom Design

Either you are using a Mac or a PC, you can download your embroidery designs using a standard USB and plug it directly to your embroidery machine. This gives you more opportunity to be creative and productive. Personalize your shirt with your own chosen designs combined with the built-in alphabets for your monograms. Add a personal touch to your gifts for friends and family using your selected embroidery designs.


It offers a 25-year limited warranty against defective workmanship and materials, 5 years on electronic parts and 1 year on labor.


This machine is easy to use and highly reliable so you can practice your creativity without having to go through short classes or demos. Furthermore, you can download as much embroidery designs from the internet using your USB and make it happen with the Janome 350e.


This is is an embroidery-only machine and does not act as a sewing machine. This makes it a more reliable and precise embroidery machine minus the bulky attachments.

Customers Feedback

According to the many users it does great embroidery and it is highly addicting.

Brother SE400 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE400Embroidery fans are going to love using the new Brother SE400. Whether you’re just a beginner in the art of sewing or an advanced artist who enjoys making your own patterns, you’d find everything you need in this fully-equipped, state-of-the-art sewing equipment — at an affordable price.

This embroidery machine has 67 built-in stitches for all your stitching needs, ranging from utility to decorative stitches, as well as 70 embroidery designs for different themes. It also includes 120 built-in frame patterns and five built-in fonts, giving you limitless designing options and free rein for your creativity.

With its 4 x 4” embroidery area, it gives you enough room to make decorative touches to your home décor and clothing. Its computerized interface includes a 2.7 x 1.4” capacitive touch LCD display for convenient viewing of the machine’s built-in designs and stitches.

Technology does wonders to fulfill your embroidery needs — the embroidery machine comes with easy-to-use editing features such as rotation, mirror-imaging, increasing and decreasing the size of your designs. It’s also easier to add new designs; with the machine’s USB cable connectivity, you could simply purchase and download designs from and transfer them immediately to the machine. It also includes a built-in manual to provide step-by-step instruction for easy operation. It also has an automated threading system with an instructional diagram which makes needle threading a breeze.


This embroidery machine features a monochrome 2.7×1.4” touch LCD display, with an on-screen help screen and several built-in languages installed. The machine uses a single needle with an advanced needle threading system, as well as an adjustable bobbin winding speed and a Quick-Set™ Bobbin system for easy bobbin winding. Thread tension can be set manually. It also has an upper & bobbin thread sensor and an automatic thread cutter.

This model is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, and allows easy software updating, and its built-in embroidery card slot can be used with Brother embroidery cards (sold separately). It also features a 5.5×13.1” bed area, 3.9×5.3” workspace, 4×4” embroidery area and a maximum sewing speed of 710 stitches per minute and 400 stitches per minute for embroidery. It has a 7mm stitch width and a 5mm stitch length with a speed controller and needle positioning control, and its feed has a drop feed/free motion option. Additional accessories such as specialty feet and free motion quilting foot can be bought to fully optimize your equipment.

Package, price and warranty

The package includes the embroidery machine with seven types of feet, a needle set, scissors, screwdrivers and other accessories, with an optional embroidery hoop. It also includes an instruction CD, a language setting sheet, and USB cable.

With its custom design and easy-to-use interface, it has won acclaim among users, with an average of 4.5 over 5 stars for over 400 reviews. Plus, it comes with a 25-year limited warranty that ensures you get your money’s worth—all for the amazing price of $349.99, with free shipping.