5 Things You Should Know About Internet Auctions!

Internet AuctionsIf you aren’t “in the know” about Internet Auctions you are seriously missing out on some of the best sales on the planet! In case you didn’t find this page through a link from one of my pages, let me explain who I am and why you should listen to what I have to say.

I am “TheStyleGuru” and I have a serious addiction to fashion. I’ll save you loads of time and money by helping you identify the steals and deals for the hottest brands in fashion today. Typically, the people who get the most benefit from my work are those that would like to buy luxury items but are working within a limited budget.

I help these people by showing them a structured breakdown of all of the items that are currently available for specific price ranges. In short, imagine being able to find out if that “must have” item that normally costs over $400 can be bought for only $225.

Although there is no catch, there are a few things that you need to know in order for me to help you find the item that you are looking for.

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FIRST, you need to know that every page that I make will show you what is available right now. The items on the pages are not usually available in large quantities so if you see something you like, you need to be prepared to Act Now! to secure that item. In order to do either, you need to be a registered user of the site that I found the item at. Most of the time, this will be an Internet auction site, such as eBay.

SECOND, you need to already be a registered user of at least eBay (this is FREE!) I say this because you can’t imagine the dread that you will feel when you finally find the item that you are looking for only to have to take the time to register before being allowed to purchase the item. Then, when you complete the registration, you find that someone else bought the item you wanted while you were registering. Believe me ladies, this happens A LOT!

THIRD, you need to know your budget. Take the time to get familiar with my page layout. I have specific sections on each page that show you items within a very specific price range. Once you are a registered user of at least eBay, you can simply click on an item for more information, to place a bid or purchase the item.

FOURTH, you need to be aware of page updates for Internet auctions. Most, if not all, of my pages are updated hourly. This means that if you see an item that you want at fifteen minutes till the top of the hour, that item may not be there much longer than 15 minutes. Knowing this will allow you to know how long you have to decide whether or not to buy that item.

FIFTH, you need to know about the “buy it now” function. This function is available on some items and allows you to purchase the item immediately, eliminating the option for anyone else to enter a higher bid or attempt to purchase the item. This feature is particularly useful when you find an item and you know that it is a steal of a buy. Using the “buy it now” feature, you can buy the item right now and guarantee that it will be in your closet in a few short days.

Lastly, you need to know that I am here to help. If you are looking for a specific item, and you cannot find it on any of my pages, please feel free to use the CONTACT ME link on the upper left hand side of the page to get in touch with me so that I can get involved. If you need help, I will do everything in my power to help you find what you are looking for. In the event that I can’t find it, I will add it to my watch list and let you know if I come across it as I scour the net looking for the best deals.