50th Birthday Party Ideas

There is one day a year that is always considered “your day”; a day that is supposed to be special and filled with happiness. This day is supposed to be special and something you remember for years to come. It’s the day to celebrate your life and all the things you’ve accomplished. In considering that fact, the older you get the more you have to celebrate about and the bigger and better your celebration should be!

One momentous year that deserves some major celebrating is the big 5-0. Turning fifty is a big one, you’ve hit a milestone in your life and you deserve a special day. And of course, turning 50 will attract some jokes and gags from your friends but that’s par for the course.

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These parties don’t always need to cost a fortune, or have elaborate decorations and party favours. All that is needed for a great party is time, a plan and a lot of creativity. There are endless possibilities!

No 50th birthday party is complete without poking fun at our age. Nothing is more fun then getting a good laugh out of a gag or prank. Check out the link above for my Squidoo article about 50th Birthday gag gifts. But keep in mind the person you are planning the party for and how much of a good sport they are. I know with my family it’s a free for all and anything goes when it comes to gags and pranks – actually they are welcomed by anyone. The only thing to remember is that revenge is inevitable!!

Any party can be a great success as long as you have the passion to make it fun as well as planning. Planning is key for success for any party! This is a big event for anyone so make sure its fun! It may seem overwhelming at first but just sit back and take it one step at a time. Here are some 50th birthday party ideas to keep in mind – its easy just ask yourself these questions, it will give you a base for planning your party:

  • pick a theme
  • decide on your guest list
  • where are you going to throw the party
  • do you want it to be a surprise
  • what’s your budget
  • how much of a good sport is the birthday person (how made would they be if you pulled pranks on them)
  • what time of year will the party be held in (season)
  • what kind of food and drinks do you want to serve
  • what are the birthday persons interests and hobbies

Make this day the most memorable day of your 50 years!