Best Sources For Sewing Patterns

If you’re an avid sewer, chances are that you will soon run out of sewing patterns at some point. While sewers with more experience under their belts probably have a database of sewing patterns, beginners might not be so lucky. However, you will be glad to learn that the internet provides an extensive database of resources for couture sewing patterns. These range from easy to more extensive projects and can easily be adapted or personalized to fit your requirements.
Below are some of the best online sources for sewing patterns.

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Merchant & Mills

Founded by an independent British pattern designer, Merchant & Mills has rapidly amassed a collection of patterns that will appeal to just about any sewer. With an aim to adopt a more contemporary approach to sewing, Merchant & Mills print their sewing patterns on card instead of tissue paper. Consequently, these patterns last for far longer. They are also much easier to transfer than tissue paper patterns. Merchant & Mills also provides a pattern book for sewers, enabling them to hang up their patterns.

My Sewing Adventure

Featuring cutting-edge patterns with a pronounced avant-guard theme, My Sewing Adventure contains hundreds of sewing patterns that you can download. More importantly, all the patterns are entirely free of charge. You can easily print them at home and amass quite a nice collection for all your various sewing projects. You can also find guides and tips about sewing. There are also few dozen of sewing machine reviews.


Butterick is another website that provides an extensive range of downloadable sewing patterns at no extra cost. On this website, you will mainly find patterns for holiday crafts, home decorating items and accents, general accessories and clothing. Users will be glad to learn that this particular website caters to various levels of expertise. The sewing patterns can be downloaded in PDF format. Beginners will be able to benefit from a tutorial and every user needs to sign up by providing their email addresses before downloading the sewing patterns.


Craftsy is one of the most popular online sewing resources for anyone looking for detailed sewing instructions and patterns. Established by couturier Susan Khalje, this website especially emphasized on French patterns and will help you learn the skill of sewing techniques such as French seams and the likes. Users can also benefit from online sewing classes such as The Couture Dress where techniques are demonstrated through a Vogue pattern.