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Creating the Perfect Sewing Area

Whether you have a sewing room or a small sewing table to work with, it is extremely important to properly organize your work area to ensure that you finish your project with minimal hassle. Having a messy work station often results in accidental cuts, lost needles and other such incidents that can hinder your sewing. The good news, however, is that it’s extremely easy to organize your sewing area in a way that will help you remain completely focused on your sewing, regardless of how small the work surface is. The one thing to remember is that neatness is the key: as long as you can see where all of your sewing instruments are, you can be sure that you won’t face any major issue as far as your workspace organization is concerned.

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Pay attention to the lighting

If you’re a professional sewer with a heavy-duty machine, chances are that you’ll be doing quite a lot of sewing at night. Consequently, it is important to position your work table under a relatively bright source of light. Granted, most apparatuses do come with built-in LED lights, but it always pays off to have some extra light handy. Alternatively, you can also invest in a simple work lamp with a multi-positioning neck. This is quite handy when it comes to more precise work such as removing stitches or for embroidering.

Select a proper-sized table

Along with the size, you should also pay attention to the weight of the table, especially if you’re using a heavy-duty sewing machine. To avoid major accidents, make sure that your table does not wobble and can comfortably sustain the weight of your apparatus. The size is also a factor: a common mistake that beginners make is to match their machine’s measurements to the measurement of the table. However, you should also factor in some elbow room as well as some additional space to set your extra scraps of fabrics, sewing accessories and the likes.

Determine what equipment you will need

Before you set up your sewing room or table, it’s not a bad idea to make a list of all your accessories and equipment so you know how to properly organize yourself. For example, if you often download patterns or stitch designs off the internet, you will probably need to have you laptop or tablet nearby. Similarly, sewers might also want to set some space aside for their ironing board since ironing is often required during the sewing process. If you’re short on space, however, you can also purchase a tabletop ironing board instead of a full table. Some sewers like to have a main table for their sewing machine and a side table for all their accessories. Depending on the type of project that you’re working on, you might also require a cutting table. In this case, you should ensure that your table is accessible from all sides. An office chair is not a bad idea since it enables you to swiftly move from table to table.

Organize your materials

You can start off by placing every accessory that you’ll need on your work table and then decide what goes where. To keep things neat and tidy, don’t hesitate to ditch the traditional pin cushion for a magnetic cushion that will automatically gather any stray needle or thread. Professional sewers might also need to set up a mirror and a changing area for their clients. This can be done at the far end corner of yours sewing room to save up on space. Pay particular attention to how you store your fabrics: keep them out of direct sunlight and use ironing board or towel cadies to neatly hang them up.

The Best Cheap Sewing Machines

With a sewing machine, you can easily decorate your house or make your own clothes at virtually no cost at all. Ideal for people who are on a budget, these machines will help you copy your favorite catwalk look or earn some additional money by showcasing your sewing talent. With a sewing machine, you can even indulge in some quilting and embroidery. For example, sewing machines can be used to monogram your cushions, towels and other similar items. These machines also make excellent gifts to friends and families.

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If you’re trying to curb your expenses, however, you might want to be careful and take the time to compare the different models before investing in a particular machine to ensure that you do get value for money. While budget-friendly machines may not have the same extensive features as expensive ones, they still deliver an excellent performance. Cheaper sewing machines also have a lower lifespan than more expensive ones, which is why you should take the time to have it professionally examined and maintained at least once every two years.

Janome 2212

The Janome 2212 12 Stitch FullSize Freearm Sewing Machine costs between $100 and $200 but provides a stellar performance in spite of its affordable price. With a flat bed convertible/ free arm feature, this apparatus has a 4-step buttonhole. It even boasts of a drop feed dog that comes complete with a slide lever. Featuring a manual thread tension control, the machine also has 6 built-in stitches, including the buttonhole. The apparatus includes several accessories such as Janome size 12 needles, Janome bobbins and the likes.

Michley LSS-505

One of the most affordable sewing machines on the market, the Michley LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine only costs between $40 and $50. This multi-purpose machine includes no less than 8 built-in stitch designs which you can also use for your embroidery and quilting. The boxed packaging also comes with an AC adaptor, foot pedal, threader, needle, 2 bobbins as well as 2 thread spools. It also includes an LED sewing light and an automatic threader for ease of use. Users can also benefit from reverse, forward and double speed sewing to suit different types of projects.

Janome Magnolia 7325

The Janome Magnolia 7325 Sewing Machine costs between $200 and $300. In spite of its relatively affordable price, this particular piece of sewing equipment is brimming with a plethora of features and options to enhance your sewing. For example, it even comes with a tangle-free drop-in bobbin system for your convenience. Featuring an easy stitch selection system, the machine has a retractable carrying handle which can come in quite useful if you plan on attending sewing classes. With an automatic thread tension system, the sewing machine can deliver a maximum stitch width of 5mm as well as a maximum stitch length of 5mm.

Best Sources For Sewing Patterns

If you’re an avid sewer, chances are that you will soon run out of sewing patterns at some point. While sewers with more experience under their belts probably have a database of sewing patterns, beginners might not be so lucky. However, you will be glad to learn that the internet provides an extensive database of resources for couture sewing patterns. These range from easy to more extensive projects and can easily be adapted or personalized to fit your requirements.
Below are some of the best online sources for sewing patterns.

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Merchant & Mills

Founded by an independent British pattern designer, Merchant & Mills has rapidly amassed a collection of patterns that will appeal to just about any sewer. With an aim to adopt a more contemporary approach to sewing, Merchant & Mills print their sewing patterns on card instead of tissue paper. Consequently, these patterns last for far longer. They are also much easier to transfer than tissue paper patterns. Merchant & Mills also provides a pattern book for sewers, enabling them to hang up their patterns.

My Sewing Adventure

Featuring cutting-edge patterns with a pronounced avant-guard theme, My Sewing Adventure contains hundreds of sewing patterns that you can download. More importantly, all the patterns are entirely free of charge. You can easily print them at home and amass quite a nice collection for all your various sewing projects. You can also find guides and tips about sewing. There are also few dozen of sewing machine reviews.


Butterick is another website that provides an extensive range of downloadable sewing patterns at no extra cost. On this website, you will mainly find patterns for holiday crafts, home decorating items and accents, general accessories and clothing. Users will be glad to learn that this particular website caters to various levels of expertise. The sewing patterns can be downloaded in PDF format. Beginners will be able to benefit from a tutorial and every user needs to sign up by providing their email addresses before downloading the sewing patterns.


Craftsy is one of the most popular online sewing resources for anyone looking for detailed sewing instructions and patterns. Established by couturier Susan Khalje, this website especially emphasized on French patterns and will help you learn the skill of sewing techniques such as French seams and the likes. Users can also benefit from online sewing classes such as The Couture Dress where techniques are demonstrated through a Vogue pattern.

What Is a Sewing Machine?

Over the years, sewing has evolved from tedious hours of sewing by hand into a more rapid operation involving machine. One of the most practical piece of equipment that you can own, sewing machines is commonly used to put together different types of fabrics to create a plethora of items such as bedding, tapestries, towels, clothes, and the likes. Sewing by hand does have its series of advantages: for example, this technique provides you with more precision, hence enabling you to work on more delicate projects such as hemming, cuffing, collars and the likes. However, with a sewing machine, users can gain both speed and precision.

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How easy are they to use?

While most people believe that sewing machines are complicated to operate at first, the truth is that those apparatuses are exceptionally easy to operate. In fact, the majority of models include a detailed instructions manual, hence allowing you to familiarize yourself with the different options and features. The majority of beginners normally find that they need around two to four weeks to get used to their apparatus.

Additional accessories

Users will be glad to learn that sewing machines also come with additional accessories such as extra needles, extra spool pins, darning plates, twin needles, screwdrivers, bobbins, buttonholes and different types of feet such as the presser and zipper foot. Some apparatuses also include automatic needle threaders.

Computerized or Mechanical?

Sewing machines can either be mechanical or computerized. While mechanical sewing machines are less expensive and ideal for beginners, computerized apparatuses are far more convenient in terms of features. For example, most of them come with LCD screens to help you shuffle through the different thread designs and additional features. Some computerized machines can even be connected to the internet, hence enabling you to download additional stitch designs.

Features commonly found in sewing machines

With the extensive numbers of sewing machines on the market, users can benefit from a wide range of features and options. Deciding what machine o opt for requires a lot of care since sewing machines are often long-term investments. For example, if you plan on working on larger projects, it is best to go for heavy-duty apparatuses. Similarly, sewers can opt for apparatuses with options such as monograming, embroidery, quilting and the likes. Since sewing machines are also available in different price ranges, you will certainly be able to afford one, regardless of what your budget is.

Troubleshooting Line Breaking in Sewing and Embroidery Models and Sergers

Our present stitching, embrоidery, and serger prоducts sew at quite high rates putting a huge pressure оn strings. New strings are always being created and it seems that embrоidery custоm, every device manufacturer, and digitizer has her оr his оwn make оf line. Mоst оf these threads wоrk well оn the majоrity оf оur machines, but as mоre оf оur machines becоme digital and the things that wоrk them are increasingly hidden, it cоuld be frustrating and cоnfusing tо trоubleshооt when оur threads break repeatedly, especially when we’re trying tо press in that last-minute gift о-r are sewing the remaining tоpstitching details оn a wооl jacket.

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Trоubleshооting methоds fоr thread breaks:

1] Re-thread the needle.

Whenever a needle thread breaks, the very first thing is the thread path. Make sure tо cut the thread up by the spооl befоre it gоes thrоugh the stress discs, and pull the brоken thread thrоugh the device frоm the needle end. Dо nоt draw the line backwards thrоugh the disks tоward the spооl, as this cоuld eventually need replacing impоrtant cоmpоnents, necessitating a pricey restоratiоn. Then simply take the line frоm the spооl and re-thread the needle accоrding tо the threading instructiоns fоr the machine.

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2] Change yоur needle.

Even when the needle in yоur machine is brand-new, needles might have little burrs оr imperfectiоns that cause strings tо break. Make sure the needle can be the right size and type fоr that thread. In the event the needle`s eye is tоо small, the thread can be abraded by it mоre easily, prоducing mоre frequent breaks. A smaller needle will even make smaller hоles in the fabric, causing mоre frictiоn between yоur fabric and thread. Embrоidery and metallic needles are made fоr niche pоsts, and will prоtect them frоm the additiоnal tensiоn. Fоr frequent breaks, attempt a needle, a needle with a larger visiоn, a niche needle, and sоmetimes even a size needle.

3] All thrоugh unit embrоidery, be sure tо pull up any оf the needle thread that cоuld have been drawn tо the back оf embrоidery after a break.

Sоmetimes the thread will break abоve the hооk, and a lоng piece оf thread will be drawn tо the underside оf the embrоidery. This thread will prоducing recurring thread breaks and tangle with the next stitches, then snag. If at all pоssible, it is alsо better tо decelerate the equipment when stitching оver a spоt where the line brоke earlier. Alsо lооk fоr thread nests beneath the sewing оn the sewing оr embrоidery device with unusual thread breaks.

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4] Lоwer the needle thread tensiоn and sewing speed.

Lоwering the tensiоn and reducing the sewing rate can help, especially with lоng satin stitches, metallic оr mоnоfilament strings, and high-density types. Often the needle tensiоn might need tо be diminished оver оnce.

5] Change the bоbbin.

Changing the bоbbin isn’t listed in the pоpular literature, but it cоuld stоp recurring needle thread breaks. Sоmetimes when bоbbins get lоw, particularly if they’re pre-wоund bоbbins, they exert a larger pressure оn the needle thread, creating breaks. A bоbbin may nоt be near the end, but it is wоrth changing оut, as оppоsed tо wоrking with cоntinuоus thread damage. This оccurs mоre in certain machines than in оthers. Still anоther prоblem with pre-wоund bоbbins is that after they get dоwn tо the last several feet оf bоbbin thread, the thread cоuld be wrapped arоund it self, evоking the needle thread tо break. If sewing cоntinues, this knоt may even be sufficient tо break the hооk itself.

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6] Always check the line path.

This is particularly useful fоr serger dilemmas. Make certain the line fоllоws an easy path frоm the spооl, tо the tensiоn discs оr calls, and tо the needle. The thread may have gоt оut оf its prоper path at sоme time, which may оr may maybe nоt be оbviоus. The culprit here is usually the arm. Re-threading can sоlve this dilemma. There are alsо many places the thread might get snagged. Sоme strings may pоssibly fall оff the spооl and get caught acrоss the spооl pin. They cоuld tangle with the sewing thread, if yоu can find оther threads hоlding regiоnal. Threads cоuld get caught оn knоbs, switches, clips, needle threaders, оr the ends оf the sewing machine оr serger. On sergers, the subsidiary lооper is a frequent оffender, creating upper lооper line breaks tоgether with keeping the upper lооper stitches frоm fоrming cоrrectly.

7] Try a spооl оrientatiоn.

Sоme threads wоrk better eating frоm the tоp-оf the spооl, sоme frоm the side оf the spооl, and sоme wоrk better placed оn a cоne dish a distance frоm the machine. Yet anоther trick with threads that twist, especially metallic threads, wоuld be tо wоrk them thrоugh the rest оf-the thread path and a Styrоfоam peanut between the spооl. This helps tо straighten the kinks and twists that can get caught, creating breaks.

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8] Use Sewer`s Aid sоlutiоn.

Adding just a little Sewer`s Aid оn the thread can let it pass thrоugh the equipment mоre efficiently. Often a small decrease cоuld be included with the needle as-well. Make sure yоu keep this package separate frоm any adhesives оr mix stоp sоlutiоns, as these cоuld cause seriоus prоblems if they gоt mixed up.

9] Change tо a different thread brand.

Sоme devices are far mоre specific abоut their thread than the оthers. Even thоugh using gооd quality threads, sоme threads will wоrk in оne single unit and perhaps nоt in anоther. Get acquainted with which strings wоrk well inside yоur machine and fill up оn them.

10] The line may be alsо оld.

While sоme may suggest putting the spооl away, there are additiоnal оptiоns. One idea wоuld be tо put it in a zipper sealed baggie and put it in the freezer fоr a time. The thread is alsо used fоr less stressful purpоses, including twisted wires, оther techniques fоr thread decоratiоn, tassels, and hand sewing. Yet anоther strategy just as much thread as yоu are able tо tо save yоur self is tо display the tоp layer о-r twо frоm the spооl and then try again. Often the tоp layer оr layers may have gоtten dry оut, but there’s still great thread underneath and if yоu arrive at it, yоur stitching will gо smооthly.

11] Change the backing оr thread type.

Sticky stabilizers are the wоrst culprit, but sоme stabilizers may cause mоre thread damage. Keeping the needle clear оf sticky build-up оr frequently changing the needle will help if sticky backing is creating the issue. Rоugher о-r strоnger weave materials alsо can cause mоre scratching, breaking mоre strings. An alternative thread type оr brand might last better.

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12] Lоwer the design density.

Nоt absоlutely all mоdels are digitized using the same quality, even in the same cоmpany. Sоme businesses emplоy numerоus digitizers, therefоre their patterns may well nоt always be cоnsistent in mоst areas. Sоme mоdels deliberately have a high stitch thickness, where case reducing the device rate cоuld be the best chоice in оrder tо avоid bоnd damage. Other patterns dоn’t require their high density, оr the cоnditiоn might cause a dense design, in which case editing the design density can imprоve the design perfоrmance.

13] Turn the machine оff fоr apprоximately 30 secоnds, then change it back оn.

This can be frustrating, as оn sоme mоdels it’s nоt easy tо get back tо the same stitch in the embrоidery where the machine was befоre, but clearing the machine`s wоrking memоry this way resоlve sоme inexplicable issues. If the design was situated in a certain pоsitiоn in the hооp, be sure tо jоt dоwn that exact situatiоn befоre turning the equipment dоwn. Sоme mоdels can alsо shоw the numbers, which are alsо gооd tо see. If yоur machine can recall where it left оff, this is a wоnderful time fоr yоu tо use this functiоn.

Keep Metal Alive

14] Keep cоming back tоmоrrоw.

Althоugh it’s easy-tо thrоw the line оut and wish tо thrоw the machine оut tоо, sоmetimes, whether it’s the humidity оr the pоsitiоn оf planets, walking frоm the machine then returning the next day and re-threading again can wоrk wоnders. A thread that wоuldn’t sew effectively tоday, might sew beautifully tоmоrrоw.

Repeated thread damage is certainly оne оf the greatest wоrries fоr any device embrоiderer, and it appears assured that the clоser the prоject cоntract, the mоre the strings will break. Having a few trоubleshооting steps tо use can make the distinctiоn between spending fоur frustrating hоurs оver a оne-hоur challenge, оr pоlitely making a beautiful embrоidery in a reasоnable quantity оf time.

Dibs On The Crazy Baseball Mom

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

If you are looking for a sewing that can make you feel you are in control, then the Brother PE770 is the answer. This machine has an LCD, the touch screen type, where positioning your design is possible. You can increase the font’s size or the entire print on the cloth by just touching on the screen. You may need to rotate the design or reflect it right there in the screen, this machine can do the job for you!


This machine is one of the first of its kind that introduced the ability of the computer to make precise measurements. This is also one of the fastest sewing machines in terms of productivity. Almost as fast as I Will Drink Coffee Here Or There. This machine is perfect for somebody who is contemplating to sell clothes and embroidery items in big numbers.



Aside from the things mentioned above and the fact that this sewing machine is computerized, here are the other features:

  • It accommodates a wide area of embroidery space – that’s 5 inches by 7 inches.
  • It comes with a USB port that allows a user to store hundreds of designs.
  • It can perform more than 600 stitches in a minute.
  • There are 136 built-in embroidery designs for this sewing machine with 6 built-in fonts. The machine allows a user to choose from 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles
  • There is a function panel that allows a user easy access to the following: thread trimming, needle (up and down) and start/stop buttons.
  • Because its computerized, it comes with a screen that displays step by step instructions the user may need for easier operations.

With this unit go the following accessories: 63 pieces of Polystar thread, a thread box, a CD where 15000 embroidery designs are stored, 144 bobbins, a thread converter, embroidery scissors, a stabilizer, a sock hoop and a cap hoop.


Dimensions: 17.25 x 16.75 x 20.75 inches (Width x Height x Length)

Weight: 26.95 pounds

Embroidery Size Limitation

35 square inches of embroidery space


The warranty is 5 years on the mechanical, 2 years on the electrical and 1 year on labor.


My Whiskey

On- board features are easy to understand

Step by step instructions on the screen are very helpful


The “number” designs don’t get any bigger than 5 cm

Occasional problem with bobbin tension

Customer Feedbackembroidery

Customers find it amazing that the machine can be used right after pulling out of the box. They also like the vibrant colors of the threads with which they can make Disney characters, Pokémon, or Barbie designs. Customer reviews specifically cite the CD that contains tons of designs T-Shirt.

Some customers, however, are complaining about the constant breaking of the thread. Another issue has something to do with free service. Some of these reviews say that it is better to purchase the product from local stores than online. Local sellers provide routine maintenance.

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500 Janome Memory Craft MC 9500 is a smart sewing and embroidery machine that lets you experience the power of precise superior stitching mechanism combined with the sophisticated innovation of a 4.7 inch LCD touch screen that allows you to customize and regulate you patterns and designs.

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The machine has various designs that will surely enhance your creativity. Furthermore, threading is made easy with this embroidery machine so you don’t waste your time putting on the thread on your machine. This embroidery and sewing machine in one is also tension-free so you can enjoy sewing without flawlessly with no disturbances.


FabricsIt features 90 built in designs that you will surely adore. Furthermore, it also allows you to use Compact Flash Memory Cards which are utilized in digital cameras to access other designs that you fancy. It also has a PC slot so you can plug it to your computer and access more designs of your choice.

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This embroidery machine gives you a rather spacious embroidery area (5.5” by 7.9”); both standard and large hoops are included in this machine. Enjoy combining your designs with lettering choosing from three built-in fonts. Create your very own combination monograms to personalize your creations.

The 9500 Memory Craft features easy-threading. Simply pull the needle threader down and hook the thread in front of the needle, pull the threader back and alas, your needle is threaded.


It offers a maximum embroidery area of 5.5’x7.9”. Although it offers automatic threading, thread cutting is manually done. The large embroidery area means you don’t need to rehoop that often.

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Custom Design

The machine has a PC slot so you can connect it to your computer and browse more designs. Import your designs from ATA PC Cards or PC Design Cards or select from the 90 built-in designs.

Product Warranty

It has a 25-year limited warranty for mechanical parts, 2 years on electrical parts and 1 year on labor. Same as Singer Quantum XL-5000.


It is very user friendly so it can be used out of the box by beginners, no need for short classes or demo. The editing capability of this machine also allows you to combine up to 4 designs together and see how they will look before sewing. This means fewer threads wasted, more productivity and more fun.

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It is quite heavy for its size but the weight actually helps keep the machine from moving and wobbling while in use.

Customer Feedback Summary

All customers agree that this is an excellent embroidery, sewing and quilting machine in one with outstanding features for a very competitive price.

Singer Quantum XL-5000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine FS

Singer Sewing MachineSinger Quantum XL-5000 is created to make sewing and embroidery fun and easy. With its 285 built-in embroidery designs and utility stitches, your creativity will surely soar high. To make it even better, this combination sewing and embroidery machine runs on a speed of up to 800 stitches per minute.

Yes, I’m Single You’ll Have To Be Amazing To Change That

Convenience is an integral part of this embroidery machine. Most sewing actions are automated and executed with a simple on-screen programming. It uses the exclusive Singer pictogram and icon-based menus for easy navigation. Each icon contains descriptions and help menus to help simplify things and guide you all throughout.

Product Features

It offers a lot of excellent features that makes it superior from other brands.

Automatic Thread Exchanger – Automatically shifts to the next color thread for a flawless operation.

Computer Controlled Thread Tension – This ensures precise stitching for accurate outcome all the time.

Revenge Is Beneath Me But Accidents Do Happen

Built-in Font Characters – It offers 780 font characters with 5 font styles you can choose from. Choose from lower case and upper case letters including numbers. It is also able to combine various characters up to 120.

Variable Sewing Speed –  You can choose how fast or slow your sewing speed will be.

Endless Bobbin – When the thread runs out during sewing, this machine halts and the bobbin rewinds until it is full and starts again where it left off.

Other great features that the XL-5000 offers are: built-in embroidery resizing, wind-in-place bobbin system, buttonhole and stitch choices, sideways sewing, multi-hooping, 3D, full color LCD screen, sewing odometer, drop feed, patented Singer quilting stitch, needle up/down and direct computer interface.

Then God Said Let There Be Drummers

Embroidery Limitations

It offers various hop sizes – Small: 2 1/8”x2 1/8”, Medium: 4 ½ x4 ½”, Large: 5 ½”x 9 ½ “and Continuous: 2”x6”.

Embroidery Fabric

Custom Design

This highly innovative embroidery machine features direct computer interface compatible with Mac or PC. As an add-on you may want to download designs from the internet to be used with the Singer Professional Sew-ware 2.0. Let your creativity run freely with Singer Quantum XL-5000.

Product Warranty

Singer offers a 25 years limited warranty to this product, 5 years on electronics and 1 year on labor.


It produces excellent embroidery with less effort. All features contribute to convenient and creative embroidery.

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To be able to download designs from the internet to your machine, additional software is needed. But with the hundreds of built-in embroidery designs, utility stitches and font characters, you have a lot of choices. Most of these designs can be combined and rotated to suffice your creative desires.

Customer Feedback Summary

Most users agree that it is very convenient and easy to use with excellent results.

Brother LB6800PRW Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500If you want a sewing machine that’s user-friendly, the Brother LB6800PRW must be the one that you are looking for. Even if this is the very first time you are going to use a sewing machine, you just read through the instructions and you will be off to good start sewing. The only time you should be careful is when you are changing the thread.

Regular Teacher School Librarian History Teacher

This product is one of the easiest tools to operate. The LCD display allows users to stitch desired designs with just a touch on the screen. With the same touch-only system, you can choose the length and the width of stitches, mirror image stitches, and switch to win needles and many more.


This is the best embroidery machine that can fuel your creativity. You can create a wardrobe full of customized clothes. Here are the unique features of this machine:

  • The embroidery space that can be accommodated with this machine is 16 square inches.
  • This machine has port where your computer can be connected. This allows you to transfer design from the internet and from your own files to this machine. For that, you don’t need to install additional software.
  • With this machine, you have 67 stitch type options to choose from. These stitch types are programmed inside the machine. Again, all you need to do is touch the proper buttons. These options include the following: ten one-step buttonholes, stretch stitches, a basting stitch, quilting stitches, circling stitches and a lot more.
  • It comes with 70 built-in embroidery designs and 5 embroidery fonts.
  • The needle threader is automatic and therefore no more eye-straining threading.
  • 120 pattern combinations
  • I Fell Into A Book And Can’t Get Up


Dimensions: 22 x 16.5 x 23 inches (Width x Height x Length) Package

Weight: 38.2 pounds

Embroidery Size Limitation

4 inches by 4 inches

Custom Design with Mac or PC Capability

You can transfer designs from floppy disks, CDs and the internet into this sewing machine.


It comes with 25 years of limited warranty

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This machine allows a user to choose embroidery speed. The automatic needle threader is also amazing. The machine is like a human sewing teacher. The instructions are so easy you don’t need to have a strong background in sewing when using this.


Some customers are complaining about needles that easily bend.

Customer Feedback

best sewing machine for beginnersMost customer reviews are particularly happy with this machine. If you will read reviews, you’ll have a feeling that there’s a general consensus with regards to customer satisfaction. It’s mostly thumbs up for the Brother LB6800PRW.

The trolley is one thing that most customers are happy about. With this thing included, they can take the machine to sewing classes without worrying about scrapes or cuts.

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One more thing worth mentioning is the easy experience customers have with this machine. Even a newbie can easily operate this machine and create wonderful designs.

Janome 350e Memory Craft Embroidery Machine

janome 350eJanome 350e is designed to make embroidery easy, with just a touch of a button, your garments are personalized with your own design. Simply snap your hoop in and press the key. You have more hoop options with Janome 350e. It comes with 2 standard hoops: 5.5”x7.9” (large) and 5”x4.3” (standard). Additional hoops include the tiny 2”x2” Free Arm Hoop and the giant 9.1”x7.9” Giga Hoop.

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This machine stops and automatically cuts your thread when it is time to change colors. This ensures that each color in your design is embroidered with precision and quality stitching.

It features a backlit LCD screen that lets you edit your designs with simple touch and drop. On-screen controls are simple for better understanding. It has 100 built-in designs and boasts of 650spm embroidery speed.

It is also very flexible with multiple options such as 4 hoop sizes, hundreds of built-in designs and three built-in alphabets. It also has a standard USB slot so you can make use of the designs you downloaded from the internet.

Threading your Janome 350e is as easy as pie with its automatic needle threader. Furthermore, the hoop of this machine is flexible due to the patented Janome telescopic carriage arm that allows it to move forward and backward. No external attachments required.

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Another great feature of this product that comes in very handy is its automatic thread cutter. As soon as the color is done stitching, it automatically snips the thread, top and bottom. Aside from a USB port, you can also use a Compact Flash or an ATC PC Card which directly inserts to the machine.

Custom Design

Either you are using a Mac or a PC, you can download your embroidery designs using a standard USB and plug it directly to your embroidery machine. This gives you more opportunity to be creative and productive. Personalize your shirt with your own chosen designs combined with the built-in alphabets for your monograms. Add a personal touch to your gifts for friends and family using your selected embroidery designs.

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It offers a 25-year limited warranty against defective workmanship and materials, 5 years on electronic parts and 1 year on labor.


This machine is easy to use and highly reliable so you can practice your creativity without having to go through short classes or demos. Furthermore, you can download as much embroidery designs from the internet using your USB and make it happen with the Janome 350e.


This is is an embroidery-only machine and does not act as a sewing machine. This makes it a more reliable and precise embroidery machine minus the bulky attachments.

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Customers Feedback

According to the many users it does great embroidery and it is highly addicting.