Singer Quantum XL-5000 Sewing and Embroidery Machine FS

Singer Sewing MachineSinger Quantum XL-5000 is created to make sewing and embroidery fun and easy. With its 285 built-in embroidery designs and utility stitches, your creativity will surely soar high. To make it even better, this combination sewing and embroidery machine runs on a speed of up to 800 stitches per minute.

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Convenience is an integral part of this embroidery machine. Most sewing actions are automated and executed with a simple on-screen programming. It uses the exclusive Singer pictogram and icon-based menus for easy navigation. Each icon contains descriptions and help menus to help simplify things and guide you all throughout.

Product Features

It offers a lot of excellent features that makes it superior from other brands.

Automatic Thread Exchanger – Automatically shifts to the next color thread for a flawless operation.

Computer Controlled Thread Tension – This ensures precise stitching for accurate outcome all the time.

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Built-in Font Characters – It offers 780 font characters with 5 font styles you can choose from. Choose from lower case and upper case letters including numbers. It is also able to combine various characters up to 120.

Variable Sewing Speed –  You can choose how fast or slow your sewing speed will be.

Endless Bobbin – When the thread runs out during sewing, this machine halts and the bobbin rewinds until it is full and starts again where it left off.

Other great features that the XL-5000 offers are: built-in embroidery resizing, wind-in-place bobbin system, buttonhole and stitch choices, sideways sewing, multi-hooping, 3D, full color LCD screen, sewing odometer, drop feed, patented Singer quilting stitch, needle up/down and direct computer interface.

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Embroidery Limitations

It offers various hop sizes – Small: 2 1/8”x2 1/8”, Medium: 4 ½ x4 ½”, Large: 5 ½”x 9 ½ “and Continuous: 2”x6”.

Embroidery Fabric

Custom Design

This highly innovative embroidery machine features direct computer interface compatible with Mac or PC. As an add-on you may want to download designs from the internet to be used with the Singer Professional Sew-ware 2.0. Let your creativity run freely with Singer Quantum XL-5000.

Product Warranty

Singer offers a 25 years limited warranty to this product, 5 years on electronics and 1 year on labor.


It produces excellent embroidery with less effort. All features contribute to convenient and creative embroidery.

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To be able to download designs from the internet to your machine, additional software is needed. But with the hundreds of built-in embroidery designs, utility stitches and font characters, you have a lot of choices. Most of these designs can be combined and rotated to suffice your creative desires.

Customer Feedback Summary

Most users agree that it is very convenient and easy to use with excellent results.